Saturday, February 7, 2015

Home is where the heart is...

With two growing boys, my home is constantly sporting what I call the 'tornado hit" look.How much ever I try and bifurcate areas for each of their things it still keeps spilling all over the home.From boxes to closets to corners to even an entire room... nothing seems to contain their ever growing paraphernalia.

And the living room seems to have the maximum action.
All the homework, pretend play with cars(yes they still are in that stage), colouring, craft projects, everything primarily happens in the living room...!!

When I am in a more generous/forgiving mood{which I rarely am ;-)} feel this adds a lot of warmth and character to the home!!
But there are times when I also yearn for that clutter free space!!
I am anyways not that 'rooms-straight-out-of-a-magazine' type and have always wondered if anybody actually lives in such homes..!?!
And believe me, my boys have lowered that bar for me even more!!
So ....I have come to terms that although my home can never be picture perfect all the time..(who cares about that anyways) it can still look organised and lived in!!

And so I set out to gather some inspiration by looking around homes which balance this, just right!!

via here & here
 via here & here
via here & here

I love the busy-ness in each of the rooms!!
And more importantly it feels like real people ...people like you and me...must be living in these homes!!

And look what i found....

 ....Just what I was wanting to say...!!

warm wishes,

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