Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kashmir in pictures (& in my prayers)

This post was long due.
I had'nt put up much pictures or mentioned about the place, here on the blog, after our holiday in Kashmir.
I kept thinking what could be said or written about a place, steeped in history & beauty, that wasn't said before!!??!!
Nothing sounded befitting!
But now when the flood situation in the state is really looking grim, I think I owe this one.

Mughal gardens on a crisp, sunny day...

Locals selling their fare...

A day in their lives..
Arches & entryways
Intricate woodwork, ornate chandeliers...
The picture perfect vistas...

Of faith ...
and hope..
The enormous Dal lake..
dotted with  house boats...
Women maneuvering their way through the lake

Calm, idyllic...

a street in Srinagar
With its share of turmoil over the years, the last thing the state should have suffered was nature's fury!!
Hoping & praying with all my heart that normalcy returns to the valley soon.

warm wishes,

Images: Personal.

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