Wednesday, September 24, 2014

DIY wooden tray

hello there!!
After weeks of inertia I finally pulled myself into doing something I had been wanting to ever since I saw the DIY Tray makeover 
post on 
Patricia's awesome Colours Dekor. 
It featured originally in an another lovely blog by Reshma Sanjeev 

Back in July during the annual monsoon sale I had spotted this wooden tray and had picked it  up thinking that I would paint some warli designs on it.

It just sat like that for a couple of months.
I was wondering what I would decoupage the tray with till I remembered that I had some wallpaper left from my living room renovation!!!!

Now all I did was get some Modge Podge from Hobby Ideas, sanded the tray lightly, gave it a coat of acrylic colour and left it to dry.
Measured the tray/wallpaper, put some Modge Podge, carefully placed the wallpaper and smoothed it working from the centre towards the ends to avoid any air bubbles.
Once it had dried, applied 3-4 more coats of  Modge Podge over it for the paper to embed well,  allowing it to dry after each layer.

So here it is....after the makeover!!!!

What do you think??Has it turned out good?
Let me know...

warm wishes,

Images: Personal.


  1. Beautiful makeover, Reshma's tray has inspired me too, let's see when I can do this :)

    1. thanks Nayana and do share ur pictures of the makeover!!

  2. where is that thumbs up button, when i need it!
    wonderful - love the rustic elegance of the tray!


    1. :-)) thanks glad that you liked it!!

  3. Wow! a very nice makeover brinda. The tray looks awesome n the plant arrangement is beautiful.