Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Abode Bombay

 It was almost like love at first sight.
No.1 The name of this hotel.
I mean at the risk of sounding politically incorrect I strongly feel that the name 'Bombay' had has a certain romance to it!
No.2  the classic colonial charm with a perfect blend of Indian vintage decor.
And No.3 the location- the hotel has the city as its soul concept... so what better place than the heart of the city itself!!
It had to be love ;-)

Abode Bombay is a boutique hotel located in the happening touristy district of Colaba, Mumbai.
The property on which it proudly stands is a 100 year old heritage building, one of the many that dot this part of the city, carefully and tastefully restored.
Right from the flooring to the furniture, from the soft furnishings to the decor accents, everything is locally sourced, custom made, re-purposed/refurbished.
What more??..Well  not only do they believe in doing their bit for the planet but also empower the underprivileged women.
Psst Psst** They apparently have a taxi service to ferry hotel guests to and fro, which is run by women drivers only!!
How cool is that!!!

 I can go on and on...but i would rather stop and let the pictures do the talking!
 Tiled flooring & wooden stairway add on to the old Bombay feel!

 Vintage tin keepsake boxes with Indian prints, brass tiffin carriers/dabbas, old books ....!
This is just a glimpse...

..... for more hop onto their fb page here 
 check their cool website here .

Images : Abode Bombay.

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