Thursday, February 20, 2014

Glimpses from Kala Ghoda Arts Fest 2014

I know this post is a tad late...but I couldn't have moved on without sharing it here!
Kala Ghoda Arts fest 2014, in its 16th year now, drew crowds in multitudes.
I particularly wanted to avoid the weekend crowd and thought of visiting it on a weekday but i guess those thousands of people who had turned up there, also got this bright idea!!!
It was a packed Thursday and my fantasy of calmly composing each frame and clicking pictures, well... remained a fantasy!!
 Disclaimer : This is an amateurish attempt to capture the vibrancy, the drama, that goes into making this 9 day festival a unique experience. ;-)
I particularly thought that this year, apart from being extremely crowded, also saw a raise in the number of  people who are into the business of selling desi, kitschy home and life-style products.
I thought  that was considered a  niche market some time back...
...but looking at the number of players i doubt if it is that anymore!!!

  There were the classic, traditional ones too.. Warli, Madhubani, Gond, Bastar, Dhokra, etc...belonging to a particular state or a region.

And then there were the typically quirky installations...
This one caught my attention... a bin made out of used plastic bottles.
Do people need more cues on littering???
Much as I would have liked to capture the precincts on which the whole festival is based on, I found it too crowded and distracting to even get a decent shot.
For that, i guess i'll have to come back, perhaps, on a quiet Sunday and capture the beauty of  this charming, charming district!!
But I still have a reason to smile, cause I did manage to bring back home a few nuggets from the festival  that would stay with me forever!!
Mugs from local potters, kalamkari mug & wooden block prints.

warm wishes,



  2. Colourful.. but the close up of the bull stands out !

  3. Beautiful photographs. Very nice capture. Amazing. Happy weekend.

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