Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Today, exactly a year ago, I lost a very dear friend to cancer.
She came to live as our neighbour.Her fierce independent nature and her decision to work and live away in an unknown city, away from her parents home, had set me thinking as a schoolgirl.
Our ties grew stronger and she found a loving foster family in ours.
Years later when we came to know about her ailment, we were heart broken.
But her amazing spirit defied every dark thought, until last year, when she lost the battle after putting up a brave fight.

Since I've begun blogging, I've met some amazing people/bloggers through this virtual world whose work inspires me Every.Single.Day.
And one of them was Michelle Edwards of Sweet Something Designs.
I got instantly hooked onto her blog.Inspite of having to battle this dreaded disease she would still come back and put together a post on DIYs, home makeovers, craft ideas and much more along with updates on her children and their growing up!
Although I never met her in person, and with whatever little glimpses that I got of her personal world, she came across as an amazing wife and a mother.
Today, when I casually hopped onto to her blog to see if she was back from her therapy, I got this news.
It broke my heart and I went spiralling down the memory lane to this very day, last year.


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  1. Thoughtful, loving post. I guess warm wishes travel swiftly across oceans and mental spaces to reach the people that we care about - whoever they may be and however far away they are.