Tuesday, December 3, 2013

hullo there!

WOW!!This feels like ages.
Have had a really long break (not a planned one though) from blogging.
But with whatever kept me pre-occupied, i have managed to capture a few moments from the past few months!!

Below, are a few pictures, mostly from my visits to the husband's ancestral village in coastal Maharashtra and then to my parents' home in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

So, here is a glimpse of the two states...!
Preparations before a puja.
A quaint village life...

Petting some furry friends...
Sun-light and the beautiful patterns it creates...

 Onset of autumn..

Simple pleasures.

And these are a few pictures from my visit to my parents' home.
Apart from stuffing myself silly with masala dosas, vada sambhar and my mom's heavenly home cooked food....I haven't done much.
But, I promise to click some better ones on my next trip.

A Temple car/chariot or Ther
Simple yet striking kolam -rangolis made with rice flour paste outside every home.
Murals depicting various Gods and their incarnations.

Images: Personal.

warm wishes,

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