Monday, August 5, 2013

Home away from home...

This post has been long due.
When we visited The Himalayan Orchard Huts in the breathtakingly picturesque valley of Chamba, Himachal Pradesh, I had not begun blogging then.
But the beauty around was so compelling, that I was sure I would do a post on this someday!!

A scenic walk and a small but steep trek took us to our home stay destination.

A view from below...perched amidst some thick greenery in the valley.

Terrace farms and little homes dot the slopes all around.

After a warm, traditional pahadi welcome we were accommodated into one of their simple yet comfortable rooms.
The decor is unpretentious, functional and you get a taste of their local life.

The big, long verandah over looking the valley...

...with some amazing views...!!

This huge tree was right opposite our room and I would love to see it shimmy in the sunlight! :)

Some more mountain idyll....

The home is a two-storeyed structure and most of it is done in wood,
which is typical of the homes in the hills.

Interesting memorabilia collected by the family members around the home.

The beautiful Chamba Rumal - in a special wooden frame which enables the embroidery to be
 viewed from both the sides.

The yard in front of the home is an informal place for the guests to gather over some chai and pakoras on a chilly pahadi evening!
The food here deserves a special mention.
We stuffed ourselves silly with the local home-cooked delicacies.
Madhra , a sinful(the amount of ghee that goes into it is ridiculous, but hey who's complaining? Didn't I say we were on a holiday!!), local rajma (kidney beans) preparation ,cooked in ghee, curd and other aromatic spices was an absolute discovery and a treat to our taste buds!!
        If you find the water too cold you could always unwind with a book by the pool side!

Flora around the place...

Is any holiday home complete without a hammock?And with a green cover like this one on top, I could spend a lifetime here!!    

We also made some furry-four legged friends ;)

Moody mountain skies...

The hosts are very friendly, warm people and you may get lucky enough to hear some interesting, local stories from Mr.Prakash Dhami, the founder.
If you are the kinds who despise the typical travel package tours suggested by your travel agent and want to keep it a little off-beat, then this could be the place for you.
Go ahead...explore!!

warm wishes,

All Images from my personal collection.

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