Friday, August 16, 2013

A shout to..

.. Lakshmi Arvind's Celebrations Decor Giveaway!!

There are some blogs which I totally got hooked onto since I discovered blogging.
Lakshmi Arvind's Celebrations Decor is one of them.

It is the blog's 1st giveaway and  the chosen ones could get lucky with Varnam's beautiful, hand crafted,  ethnic Inbam Collection.

May i say that the Inbam(-pleasure/joy) is all  mine!!;-)
Hope on to her blog for more!!

warm wishes,

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  1. The hand crafted jewelry looks really chic. The packaging is super sleek too. Hope you get it. :)
    BTW, I checked her blog and it says that you need to comment there as well. Didn't find your comment there. Have you posted one already?

    1. hey Chetan thanx for stopping by....i have put in my comments.
      U need to comment on her blog to enter the giveaway although!!gudluck!