Monday, July 1, 2013

re-purposed and how!!

Do you remember these folding chairs??
Well I'm sure we all have seen them sometime or the other..!!

We too had these in a pale olive shade, slightly rusted and the paint chipped off from here and there.
Well we gave it away while moving houses!!
But that was in the 80s and 're-purposed' was not a commonly used term then!!

I  totally love the new look...!

All it takes is a little sanding, to get rid of the old paint & rust ...

...some spray-painting and re-upholstering and 

The possibilities are endless....

Can't wait to find one and try my hands on it...!!
 Till then you can hop on to the links given below for a more detailed tutorial.

images from
herehere , here and here.

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