Thursday, May 23, 2013

For a beautiful bride...

Maharashtrian weddings are generally a simple affair with little pomp.
The brides dress up in a yellow and green Saree during the muhurat.The food as well as the jewellery is unpretentious and minimal.
Although there is one particular custom that I think is unique to this region and that is the Rukhwat or a bridal trousseau - a collection of items that a bride would take along with her to her new home after marriage.
It could be anything from dinnerware or crockery to paintings, embroidery work, etc.
Often the bride or the women of the house painstakingly put it together and the display is quite an attraction in these weddings.

bride decorating the tulsi vrindavan with beautiful motifs .

Colourful pots and baskets 

So, as soon as the marriage date of my husband's maternal cousin was finalised I decided to put together this Warli frame as a part of her Rukhwat.
Black warli motifs and acrylic gold on canvas.

All done and ready to be framed....

How has it come out?
Do let me know your thoughts.

Images: my personal collection.

 warm wishes,


  1. It has come out good. Simple and beautiful..

  2. Really Awesome Brinda..I really Loved it...Your are a true Artist...TC !

    1. thanx rahul! u r really very generous with ur compliments!!

  3. Nice concept Brinda.
    Glad to see you via Colors dekor.

    Rachana Saurabh

  4. Your painting is so nice.
    The pictures are really very beautiful. I like to see some more from the wedding.

    1. thanx viji!!
      i'll definitely try and do a post on maharashtrian wedding.

  5. Looks awesome & classy! such intricate designs & lovely colours!

    1. thank u padmamanasa...u can't go wrong when u combine black and gold...its a tried and tested classic, right??

  6. Awesome warli art,Some times ago I also tried my hands on it. Liked your photography and digging all your posts now. you have a very lovely blog :)