Thursday, March 28, 2013

Music so divine

 Sant Dynaneshwar's abhang, a devotional poetry, by Lata Mangeshkar.

To say that I love this song would be an understatement.
There have been days when I have listened to this song back to back , in a loop.(well, I do that quite often...that one song stays with me for days/weeks/months!)
This is one such song which I keep going back to time and again.
So, today when I was listening to it, I started to wonder why this harmony should appeal to me so much.
Not that I understand its meaning word to word, just about to make sense to my set of ideas about spirituality ( i am trying to read more interpretations by various people.)
It struck to me that I find it soulful  because of  the manner in which it has been rendered.
There is absolutely no shouting or an attempt to 'perform' this song.
It feels like Lataji is just humming or singing it for herself.As if the relation between her song/devotion and her God is that of a private one.
I think when we sing for ourselves, the joy we derive out of it is immense and that is what i love about this song.

warm wishes,

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