Monday, January 28, 2013

Magic with Pen & Ink..

On our recent trip to Goa we were awaiting our train at the Madgaon railway station and I was surprised to see the walls of the Ladies Waiting room painted with caricatures similar to that of Mario Miranda's.

Is she Mario's Bug Eyed Beauty????

Although the inspiration is obvious it doesn't quite seem like Mario's original work.
Another place where I saw murals similar to Mario's, was this club at Miramar, Goa.

At the Club Tennis De Gaspar Dias, Miramar, Goa.

window art!!

 I wanted to pick some souvenirs....something which was unique to the place.Just  managed to go some shopping a day before we were to bid adieu to Goa.
There's this quaint shop on one of the many confusing by-lanes of Mapusa Bazaar ...called Anjulkars'. (Wednesday market at Mapusa Bazaar deserves a post of its own!!)
Like any other souvenir selling shop in a typical touristy place like Goa it had a lot of things to offer...Mugs, magnets, hats, tees, etc,.In a corner there was this stand where postcards by Mario Miranda were displayed.Now I wouldn't fully agree that Mario is unique to just Goa.I mean the way he captured Mumbai through his art made him more of a Mumbaikar than anybody else!!!!
But why limit a genuine artist to such superficial boundaries!!

Macau 1999
Mario's depiction of the Far-East.

So, I picked a few postcard sets, avoiding my temptation to pick his bigger prints due to sheer lack of space back home!!
Sad ;)

Germany 1979 Beer Hall
I simply love the expression on the Sardarji couple's face...!:))

Germany 1979-Strollers 

Greeting/Postcard sets can be picked if one is looking for some really unique and inexpensive souvenirs!!

Two of the post cards from the set that I decided to put up in my living room.

Macau 1999-man selling blue pottery
Germany 1979 Transvestite Club. 

Some quintessential Mario humour!!
"Something wrong here.Every time I stand in the bus queue, i  land up collecting a  milk bottle!"

Some more Mario Miranda Pen and Ink magic!!


AMUL's  fitting tribute...

The details are simply awesome.The first thing that comes across when we see these paintings is that every face, has a story to tell.
I am amazed  how he caught the pulse of every city through his it the crazy clock work routine of Mumbai or the idyllic Goan life!!!
There's some story waiting to be told every time I look!! 

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  1. Remember we had a Mario Miranda (SBI?) calendar at home? We didn't bother to preserve it but..... Pics make me feel nostalgic.