Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hello 2013!!!

Here I am ....after being away for almost 3 weeks now!!
Just back from a holiday and honestly people i want one holiday more to recover from my previous;)
It was a heady mix of events ....ranging from attending a condolence meeting to visiting ancestral temples, from kids falling sick to wonderful family lunches/dinners, from making umpteen trips to and fro visiting relatives to dipping my feet in the cool sea waters!!
Sighs***!!Feels like a blur.
And that's how exactly it feels when i look back at the year that has passed by.So many moments, big and small, made the year that it was!
I am very tempted to do a round up of the year 2012 at this point, but i guess I'll save that for my blog's first anniversary which is just a few months away!!
In the mean while i shall share a few moments from my recent past so that you guys get an idea of what i was up to...!!And as always i'll let my pictures do the talking:)

I hope this new year brings in much joy and happiness in every ones lives.

All images from my personal photo collection.

Warm Wishes

Was toying with some text options and i must say didn't quite like how the captions turned out.The font size could have been much smaller.Too loud:(
But its way past midnight and i don't think i have any energy left to edit them all over again.
Please bear with me this time!!

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  1. Better late than later! What a pleasant way to say Happy New Year!