Saturday, December 8, 2012

Simple joys...

Our home faces the south west direction which is why its always been airy and well ventilated.
But this also means that we practically get no direct sunlight in the mornings and very little post noon throughout the year!![excepting the months of  March, April and May when the afternoon sun pours into my living room.]
This also means that i have to choose between plants that will survive with little or no sunlight at       all!!Nevertheless, this hasn't stopped me from getting plants now and then and i feel good when i look at my little green nooks!![yeah it doesn't take much to please me;)]

the oktober fest beer mug put to good use ;)

on the kitchen window sill

spot (sun)light!!

tiny white bloom!!

 a slight green veil

....the 'no fuss' money plant

 gentle green swirl..!

Hope to add a lot more to this eventually.
Thanks for stopping by.

Warm wishes,

All images from my personal library.


  1. Wow, your plants looks good. How did you put the money plants into your copper, and brass vessels? Are they put directly or in bottles?

    1. Thanx Vasudha!!you have a lovely blog and a nice garden too!!
      well i have directly put the money plants in the copper/brass pots.

  2. I am crazy (with capital C )about money plants & brass containers combo, your collection is very, very beautiful!