Thursday, December 13, 2012

Can you see the little Christmas tree in the background??
Well that's an image from last year.I had still not started blogging then.Although my madness of capturing anything and everything was at its peak!!And yet I kept toying with the idea of starting a blog for more than a year!!!
I am glad that I finally did!!:-)
I haven't  rather We haven't yet put up the tree this year.
Too early by our standards....!(we put up the Diwali lantern after the 3rd see !!) boys love helping me put up the tree, in fact they generally like doing things around the house which wouldn't necessarily come under the 'things-to-do' list for an 8 or a 4 year old!!Especially A whose older!But lil' V is still in that 'Monkey See Monkey Do' stage and his interest generally wavers after the 1st two minutes!!
My little me in everything EXCEPT of course tidying their room or putting their shoes away or even eating their meals on time!!!
There I go....can't keep a mother of 2 boys quiet for too long I guess!!

Anyways I plan to put it up this week.Have a couple of  friends/family coming over during the weekend, followed by a typically frantic week and then we might travel during the Christmas holidays
I wish to blog more often as this year draws to an end.There's so much to share.(*hint * hint...I haven't yet posted pictures of our home after the painting!!)
See you around soon!!

Warm Wishes,

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