Thursday, October 25, 2012

We are already in the last week of October and the month seems to have flown by.Add some birthday parties, festivities, family and dear ones visiting us, to the already existing crazy routine, all i can recollect is a blurrrr...!!!
And as if all this wasn't enough I decided to paint my home this year.Ever heard about biting off more than one can chew...well I would be one shining example!!!:)
Well I am not going to crib about the last bit because I have been wanting to paint our home for a loooong time now!!And nothing gives me a kick like an aesthetically done up home!!
Wanted to share a lot of things this month.
Nevertheless did manage to capture a few moments here & there.

ideal Sunday afternoon...with friends and loved ones... a cozy suburban eatery..!!!

My Haven
Liliums/fresh flowers = instant mood lifters

passing clouds..mid September...autumn is almost here...!

my little one turns 4!!
how time flies...!

that calls in for a celebration..chocolate chip muffins!

preparations to welcome the Goddess.. tribute to Maa Durga.

Marigolds...bringing in Dussehra...the triumph of Good over Evil.

So people .....these were some glimpses of my life from the past few months.
Blogging after some long intervals makes me realise how much I have been missing it!!
Hope to share a lot more in the coming months.

All Images from my personal collection.

Warm Wishes,

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