Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mondays always seem to be terrible!!No matter how your weekend has been..!My kids today morning surprisingly however, ever quiet okay to go back to school after a mini vacation..I mean what else would you call a 6 day break!!
Most of the schools in the state had declared a holiday from the 19th September to the 23rd September for Ganesh Chaturthi!!And when this sudden week long break comes unannounced the joy is only doubled!!
With quiet a few relatives living in and around the suburbs the days seemed to just fly by but at least there was no bothering about the project work or the assignments amidst all this!
Lot of people were pretty miffed by this unplanned holiday and cribbed that the the school authorities would compensate by cutting short the other planned vacations like Diwali and Christmas.
 I thought it was fair enough to declare holidays, for this Festival has its roots here.
The eyes say it all!!

This 10 day long celebration were idols are got home and worshipped and then immersed in a river symbolising a virtual see-off to the Lord is like any other festival in India that comes with its share of beliefs, customs, rituals and some delicious spread of mouth watering food!!
I think festivals are a great time to pass on these little customs to our children.And i guess we have a very varied ,rich food culture which the generation next should experience.

Well, my 7 year old cribbed and whined about missing his playtime and finally struck a deal that he would visit only his friends' home!Fair enough!  

My maiden attempt to make modak..!!
And for me, my maiden attempt to make Modaks (steamed rice flour dumplings with coconut and jaggery filling) was pretty pleasant!
Don't go by its looks.It tasted better than it looked!!

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