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An ode to Cubism..Jehangir Sabavala

My nephew and niece, visited us during their last summer holidays.I have always felt the dearth of good, interesting places in and around the city and it only seemed more glaring this time.How do i keep up the teenagers' interest??So we did all the usual stuff like a day at the water park, movies, 'sight-seeing' ,a tour of the city on the lovely open-deck bus(I totally loved it and can't wait to go again...this time during the rains!!;))Not all in a day of course..but while we were still in the heart of the city we decided to 
 visit the National Gallery of Modern Art too.
Luckily for us there was an Exhibition being held on Homi Bhabha and Modern Indian Art.
It was a revelation for me as i had always thought of Homi Bhabha as a nuclear physicist, the pioneer of modern science in India but little did i know about his passion towards music, literature and art.
The exhibition was a rare collection of paintings (and sculptures) by various artists like Jamini Roy, M F Hussain, N S Bendre, Tyeb Mehta, V S Gaitonde, Badri Narayan, S H Raza, K H Ara, Jehangir Sabavala to name a few for the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research done during the post-independence period.

Amongst the collection of beautiful paintings I particularly loved the one done by Jehangir Sabavala.The colours, the proportions, the clean lines everything about it seemed so perfect!!My 7 year old who was just walking up and down the gallery came up to me for a moment and was quick to ask ..."Mama are these sea-gulls on top of sail boats?"I nodded and he just walked away to catch up with other members of the family.
And i thought that's the genius of painters like him!!
Simple, comprehensible and yet so so stunning!!

The print of some of the paintings were up for sale.. 

..Here's mine...also had a spare frame, so put it to some good use!!

I came back home and looked up for more of his paintings on the net.His love for cubism seemed to dominate his paintings.Read more about the painter extraordinaire here and here.

Some of his stunning works which appealed to me tremendously!

The Water Pump-1955

The Bundi Courtyard - 1957

The Bangle Seller -1954

Winged Flight - 1958

Jehangir Sabavala (23 August 1922 – 2 September 2011)

Image source
Image 1 & 2- mine.
Image 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 from:-

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