Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Coonoor Chronicles

We reached Coonoor after not being particularly impressed by Ooty...nothing about the place..its breath-takingly beautiful no doubt....but the crowd during peak May anywhere in India makes me wonder whether such holidays are worth the effort.
Nevertheless i was pleasantly surprised by this heritage hotel which had a classic old world charm to it.Perfect.We weren't planning to do much here- just laze around and do a few walks within the town and generally avoid crowded places.This seemed ideal!!

An 18th century property which was later taken up by a Scottish couple who ran a Bed & Breakfast here in the 1900s.

the fresh greens and the flaming reds..

 frames with old prints dotted the walls.

 The dining room needs a special mention here-It was a rectangular sun room with large wooden framed windows over looking the garden patch abloom with flowers!!

the sun bathed dining!!

the flower bed.

A few tables with very simple arrangements but as the evening sun would stream in the whole room would be bathed in its warm light!!

i could easily spend my whole life time here with friends, family or just a book and unlimited chai...of course..!

In one corner of the dinning room was a oldish looking poster about a tour to an Organic Cheese making Farm.And i was all the more excited to make it, once i knew that it was run by none other than Mr.Mansoor Khan-the famous Bollywood Director!!

After taking the tour through the beautifully laid out property, Mr.Khan himself  took the time out to explain the concept behind the farm stay.
To leave behind all the fame and glamour that film-making had earned him and to settle in a quite hill station and run a farm stay might sound romantic to most of us but it has its fair share of challenges.And the commendable part is that they do their bit to be as eco-friendly as possible and try to operate in a model that is self-sustainable!!
cozy cottages against a bright clear sky..!!

way to the pond..

the lovely pond that is fed by the spring water in the hills

the various stages of cheese making

the boiler unit where the milk is boiled to different degrees for different types of cheese

fresh Gouda

different types of cheese kept in the cold storage

all that was left!!...yummy cream cheese with crackers

over-looking the valley....

Unfortunately we couldn't take part in the cheese making course as its just for their guests and we were put up in a different hotel(the one mentioned above)...but that gives us another chance to come back to this lovely place!!(wink wink)
What say??

warm wishes,