Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Before-After story..

We had just shifted to this home and didn't want to do all the rooms at one go.So decided to keep this corner in the master bedroom minimal.N designed these two shelves, just about right to hold a few books and this old T.V. unit doubled as our little work station.
It of course served the purpose but since it was a T.V. unit after all, had a cabinet for CDs and other obviously had no leg room!!As much as i loved this little nook, working here beyond an hour or two would be a pain...!:(
the 'before'

Wanted a few shelving units where i could keep my paintings,books and other related stuff, but at the same time didn't want to clutter the corner with too many cabinets.

So here it is...some open shelves,a small working table
which extends way up to the other end of the wall and holds all the books.

the 'after'

How has it come about?What do you think?Let me know...

warm wishes,

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  1. it looks very cozy and comfortable now. Are these your paintings? they are your lamp as well..

  2. new look is functional..but the old was better !

  3. Just hopped in here through Patricia's Colours Dekor.....nice and cozy corner and quite well organized i'd say!

  4. Just going through all your posts, after following you. I loved, loved your work area, It must be such a pleasure to blog away/ work from this place!Wow!!

    1. thank you padmamanasa!...this work place is not always so organised as much as i want it to be...but yes its my refuge and i can spend hours in here!:)