Monday, April 30, 2012

mountain calling...

Yes its the mountains again...!!If i had to pick between holidaying on the beach or the mountains...i would choose the latter ...year after year!So what if i puke my way through the winding roads till we finally reach the top...i still loooove it:)
Last year it was the breath-takingly beautiful Himalayas...this time its the Nilgiris!!

Last minute shopping/packing frenzy, A's open day at school, and my maid not turning up(she's already taking her vacation!!) I'm finally ready to leave!!
And since I would be meeting my parents there I can barely wait!!:)

Leaving you all with some snippets from my life in the week that has been...!!

Amidst all the madness we had a surprise visitor...the kids were super excited!!

transferred whatever little greens I have around my home onto these tubs...hope they survive the heat!!

Hope to be back soon and share my stories!!

warm wishes,

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