Friday, March 30, 2012

small mercies..

evening light & some soulful music

I love the radio.When a classic number plays unexpectedly it is almost like discovering an old coin or rare flower during a casual walk!!Unexpected and joyous!!
I love listening to the radio when all is quite.The day's work done.The kids asleep.Little light streaming in from the window or from some other room.... making the place interesting-different than what it looked during the day.
I wouldn't call myself a big fan of the newer FM stations..too much talking and such less music!Or perhaps wait till its almost past midnight to hear some good music..!
I had once just casually mentioned during a conversation with the husband that i would any day love to go back to the old times when things were simpler.
 Vividh Bharati-विविध भारती  or the All India Radio were the only radio stations to play old classics from Hindi films.Listening to music here required some patience tune it... position it in a particular spot where the frequency was good...and then you could hear some music with that slight background noise of course.Those sleepy sounding radio announcers, the quaint programme names, some really interesting radio advertisements and the white noise ...all added so much character to the whole experience!!
Some months later i get this little radio for my birthday.The sentimental fool that I am i didn't know what made me happier- the fact that the husband had remembered a small detail of our conversation or the prospect of listening to some great music!!
Life doesn't seem all that complicated after all...thank god for small mercies!!

warm wishes,


  1. Sigh! Belaa ke phool Sigh! Laddu Singh Mena Sigh!

    1. jai mala, hawa mahal, chitralok...usha sarabhai and amar kant dubey!!
      good old days!!!:)

  2. So true that today's FM's stations doesn't match the old charm of Vivid Bharthi. I still listen to VB whenever I turn on the radio, probably only sane station till date..

    1. wow vasudha gud to know there are people in the vividh bharti league!!