Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Kid on the Block

i almost accidentally {a happy accident though :-)} stumbled upon the world of design blogs while searching for images of classic/contemporary homes to show as a refernce point to my carpenter/painter while we were setting up our little home.
although i have been an ardent follower of a lot of design/lifestyle blogs** since then,this is my maiden attempt to start one of my own. i am as nervous and excited as any newbie would be.
at times i  come across something so captivating & appealing in its beauty that i  feel an irresistible urge to capture it.
 Art for Heart's Sake (AFHS) is just one more step in that direction...i  not only hope to capture/document all things that serenade my senses..{read : music, dance, art, food, fashion, travel, craft ideas, DIYs, home decor....}but also share it with the world.

warm wishes,

**Once upon a tea time, Colours Dekor, An Indian Summer, Saffron and Silk, Artnlight, Celebrations Decor, Deezden, Rang Decor, Sweet Something Designs, The Keybunch, My Dream Canvas, Art-o-crat, Rajee Sood ...
...the list is endless..!!


  1. hi, lovethe bright photo

  2. Good luck and welcome to the world of blogging!

    1. thanx priya..u guys are a great source of inspiration!!