Monday, March 19, 2012

A Make-Over Story..

This paper-basket/magazine-holder seemed like one of those many things which I tend to just buy and then regret!!(does this happen to u to..??) ..until i finally decided to give it a face-lift!!
i happened to chance on this one at a supermarket while doing groceries.
Yeah...u heard it store is an odd place to find something like this.
but i did thinking that i could always add some colour, brighten it up and use it !!

So here it its various stages of becoming the paper holder that it is!
A plain looking basket with a 1st coat of paint.

Stuck a few stones along the border..

Painted some Madhubani motifs on 1 side..
and a Madhubani Sun on the adjacent side...
Stuck a few bright cut-outs on the other side...plan to add some more..

And this is where it sits right the corner on the bookshelf.

Hope you enjoyed  this D-I-Y as much as i enjoyed doing it!!
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Do let me know your views....

warm wishes,


  1. Ya it's looking cool,,now,..:)

  2. It looks so lovely from any side. Well done!

    1. thanx for stopping by...and for ur generous comments!

  3. nice... i bet it isn't as easy as you make it seem to be !

  4. Love the makeover..especially the madhubani designs.

  5. Love the yellow watering can seen at your blog banner !!